Thursday, April 22, 2010

Techdays 2010 – Just bought some new toys

Techdays is almost over, as always there are way too many products on the table and it is time to choose what to buy and take home. This year I would like to highlight a couple of stars. One was here before but has grown from a promising idea to a great tool, PEX:

Pex and Mole

The other nominee I would describe it with the idea of chaos theory where the butterfly’s wings might be the igniter for a tornado! The tools is Rx Extensions. The idea is basically if you have iterators that you can use to pull data out of collections why can’t you have iterators that throw data at you! Instead of having to continuously checking for data availability you get notified. What this bring is a shift from programs that way of users to interact with them to programs that react to changes and do things. Programs will always be interactive in some way but this can be a starting point to create new compelling experiences.

Rx Extensions

And the next one is The toy for architects. If you want to amaze with the latest craziest stunt then you should go event driven and start processing tens of millions of events using StreamInsight. Get your backbones fibered and your cores lubed :)

Stream Insight 

And last but not least a toy to use when you are tired after eight hours of coding really scientific applications that do something as challenging as inserting data into a database and  you want to do stupid coding such as autonomous robots this is what you need. .NET Micro Framework.

.NET Micro Framework

Just heard about this really nice (cheap) platform: TinyClr

Have fun,