Monday, April 19, 2010

I will be on Techdays 2010 presenting the product I’ve been working on

My session is about software industrialization. I’ve working on a Domain Driven Development framework on Primavera and this is the first public presentation we are doing about it. The last months have been hard but are starting to payoff. You can find better details here:

The age of software industrialization – Combining Domain Driven Design with Code Generation

The description is only available in Portuguese but most of the contents are in United States English.

Our platform will support the product lines of the next generation of Primavera ERPs. We have achieved a high level of automation by using Microsoft DSL tools and T4 templates to generate a very large portion of the software. Our objective is to reach 100% of generated code! This is very very hard but we are highly motivated to pursuit it.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Pedro,

I'm looking forward to see your session!

In the company I'm working for we're doing exactly the same thing, except that only 50% of the code is generated.

We're using WCF Ria Services, Entity Framework, Prism and we generate our service, metadata with correct attributes plus localizable strings and we also generate our module views and viewmodels.

We also built a nice framework that deals with the UI management, messaging between viewmodels, view/view-model wiring, base viewmodels for editing, searching, filtering, associating 1:1, 1:N, N:1 entities and also autocompletion to associate entities. We've got support ICollectionView, IEditableCollectionView, IPagedCollectionView and query support either at server or client-side (in-memory collections) with filtering, sorting and paging.

We still have to tweak the views and compose our viewmodels with some reusable components that we have in our framework to bind in the views..unfortunately.

I'm hoping to talk to you and exchange some ideas at Techdays.

Its great to know that Primavera is using this technologies and sharing some experience with the community, I'm sure it won't disapoint.

Best regards,

Manuel Felício.